会社概要 -About-

●会社名 株式会社 DMOジャパン
●本社  〒874-0918 大分県別府市汐見町8-3
●代表  代表取締役 安達澄
●設立  2015年11月
●資本金 600万円
●事業  地域活性化事業コンサルタント、旅行業
●資格  大分県知事登録旅行業地域-207号
●URL http://dmojapan.com
Company Name DMO Japan Inc.
Established November 2016
Management CEO & Experience Designer Kiyoshi Adachi
Line of Business Consulting on Local revitalizing, Travel Agency
Location 8-3 Shiomicho Beppu City, Oita Prefecture 874-0918 Japan
URL http://www.dmojapan.com
Contact info@dmojapan.com +81 977 76 5075

当社は、第13回(2015年度)大分県ビジネスプラングランプリ優秀賞に選ばれました。 詳細はこちら>>>

(株)DMOジャパン代表取締役 安達 澄

Staff profiles
Kiyoshi Adachi was born in Beppu City, Oita. After graduating from high school, he attended university in Tokyo and worked for a steel manufacturer and a newspaper company. He came back to Oita to revitalize his hometown. He is now looking for great tourist resources and re-visiting Oita with a fresh perspective after a 30-year absence.

-Message from CEO-

こんにちは、(株)DMOジャパン代表の安達 澄(あだち きよし)と申します。

私のふるさと大分は、古くは「豊(とよ)の国(くに)」と呼ばれていました。その名の通り、自然や食にとても恵まれています。 Uターンした私自身が特に感じることの一つは、魚が本当においしいということ。外から来た人は皆びっくりします。 なかには「大分の魚は日本一うまい」と公言してくれる著名人も。これ、お世辞ではないと思います。

歴史・文化も誇りです。神を仏とし、仏を神とする神仏習合文化。その発祥の地は宇佐神宮、国東半島です。 そこには古代・中世を象徴する国宝のお寺から名もなき野仏まで、数多くの歴史文化財が存在。歴史や神仏が醸し出す凛とした空気は、よそでなかなか味わえるものではありません。

そして、温泉。量(湧出量)や数(源泉数)は日本一。まちの至るところにある温泉や、 もくもくと昇る湯けむりは、大分では当たり前の光景。でも、「火事だ!」と勘違いする観光客も しょっちゅういるということは、外から訪れる人にとっては非日常なのでしょう。 大地の恵みに感謝です。


期待を超える、あなたにとっての“非日常のできごと”を、地元のおじちゃん、おばちゃん、 そして仲間とともに作りました。 そして、どんどん作り続けていきます。


Hello everyone. I am Kiyoshi Adachi, CEO of DMO Japan Inc.

My hometown, Oita, used to be called "Toyo no Kuni" or "country of riches". As the name indicates, we are surrounded by rich nature and blessed with a variety of food. After coming back from a big city, I can tell that fish tastes surprisingly good. There are some celebrities who admitted that fish in Oita tastes the best in Japan. I believe that they really enjoyed the food here.

Locals take pride in protecting the culture and telling the history of Oita. We have the famous Usa shrine in Kunisaki peninsula where the syncretism of Buddhism and Shintoism originally started. There are historical and cultural properties such as national treasure temples that symbolize the ancient history or Middle age, and unknown Buddhas can be seen on the road.

The crisp air feels different from other places because of the long history and religious landmarks. Oita is also known for hot springs. The number of sources and the amount of hot water are top ranked. You can find spas in every corner of every town. Tourists may think there is fire because there is so much steam venting up to the sky but for us that is everyday scenery. We realize how much Mother Nature has blessed our area. We'd like to offer special tours on which you can enjoy yourselves utilizing your five senses through extraordinary experiences. We organized the tours with the support of the local people and our network of friends. We'll expand the project over the coming years.

We hope you can have extraordinary experiences in extraordinary Oita! We sincerely look forward to your visit.

仲間 -TEAM-

Tadaaki Nagai : Professional fisherman
Mr. Nagai takes care of fishing and cruising of our tours. After working in Tokyo, he came back to Beppu and became a fisherman. He can find the good spots in the sea and give kind instruction to you. Come and meet a man of the sea.

荷宮英二:合同会社Meine Reise代表
誰からも愛される性格を武器に地元のリーダー 的存在。趣味はマラソンで42.195kmを完走する。
Eiji Nimiya : CEO of Meine Reise, Limited liability company.
Mr. Nimiya guides our cycling tours. He does various things in Ajimu such as growing vegetables, making wine and Natto (fermented soy beans), and guiding trekking groups. He runs full marathons, too. This strong, local-leader is loved by everyone.

中山ミヤ子:舟板昔ばなしの家 オーナー
Miyako Nakayama : Owner of "Funaita Mukashi-banashi no ie" or "House of old story telling"
She is recognized as one of the leaders of Green tourism in Japan and gives inspirational speeches nationwide. Her "Minpaku" service or farm stay is very popular as celebrities visit her place and many visitors from all over the world visit her 130 year-old home repeatedly. This charming grandma welcomes visitors with a big smile.

Kimio Nakayama:Professional fisherman
Mr. Nakayama takes care of cruising of our tours. He usually works to catch fish on the sea from midnight to early morning. He cannot speak anything but Japanese, but it does not matter to him. He is so friendly that he will give wonderful experiences to tourists from all over the world.